Gear pump in the installation of what are the requirements?

(1) Before installing the pump, check whether the pump body and the motor are damaged during transportation, such as whether the motor is damp, whether the dust cover of the pump's inlet and outlet is damaged or not, so that dirt enters the pump cavity. (2) oil pump and motor installed in the low board, crane crane, the sling must be suspended in the ring on the floor. Single-lift pump head must be hanging in the import and export of flange pipe, the pump shaft does not withstand external forces. (3) Pump installation should be selected in a dry and bright place, with the management staff to see the pump in operation. If the pump needs to be close to the wall installation, it must be reserved for easy disassembly and overhaul. Do not install the pump in damp, sun and windy places. If the installation site is flooded, the pump must be above the maximum water level. (4) The oil pump should be fixed on a solid base, so as to avoid loosening and vibration of the pipe and bolt to prevent deformation of the bottom plate. As a separate pump head mounted on the machine, you must choose the least vibration on the place. (5) Before installing into and out of the oil pipe, kerosene must be used to flush the inner wall of the pipe. No sundries are allowed. If such substances enter the pump body, the gear will be damaged. Pump inlet and outlet pipe size should not be less than the size of the pump inlet and outlet diameter. Into the pipe should be slightly larger diameter, into the pipe should be as short as possible, the elbow bend radius should be relatively large, the valve on the pipeline gate valve should be used to reduce resistance. (6) There is no need to install the bottom valve in the oil pump because of the great resistance of the bottom valve. However, it is suggested to install a metal filter at the inlet of the inlet pipe to prevent the sundries from entering the pump body. The effective area of ​​the oil filter should not be smaller than the pipe diameter Double, into the oil pipe outlet should be cut into 45. bevel. (7) Shaft and motor shaft should be installed concentric, when the installation of concentricity is not good, the rotation may have the clutch caught off.

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