Surface treatment classification

Surface treatment technology has a very wide range of content. It is difficult to generalize the classification from one angle. At present, there is no unified classification method. We can classify from different angles. Under normal circumstances, according to the processing princ ----more

Since 2017, the retail price of refined oil has risen a…

According to statistics, since 2017, China's gasoline and diesel retail prices have experienced 10 upward adjustments, 6 reductions and 7 strandings. The price of 89th gasoline and 0th diesel oil has been raised by 365 yuan/ton and 350 yuan/ton respectively. Each liter is raised by 0.27 yuan and ----more

Jiaxing decoration company which is good and how the de…

With the progress of the times, people's pursuit of quality of life is also getting higher and higher. Therefore, most of the owners are also improving their own house decoration. However, the current offer of a variety of decoration companies often makes people feel overwhelmed. Then, for the ----more

Baker Furniture Luxury Furniture King

Baker's furniture is famous abroad, but most people in the country are unfamiliar with it. It is the furniture brand designated by the White House of the United States. It is hailed as "the king of luxury furniture." It is not only an ordinary piece of furniture, ----more

Smart lock cost is how much to buy what price smart loc…

With the popularization of the concept of smart homes, smart locks, which are safe and convenient products, are gradually being purchased by people. The rapid development of the smart lock industry has also brought about many problems. Some irresponsible companies are not shy of shoddy for the sake ----more

800 smart door locks - Analysis of the advantage of the…

Gossip Smart Lock is a full-industry-chain high-tech company that focuses on the research, development, manufacturing, sales, and technical service of smart locks. The quality of products and services have won the trust of many customers. So what is the advantage of gossip smart locks? What are its ----more

Online shopping security door is destroyed in 8 minutes

The 2017 China Anti-Theft Security Door Product Quality and Service Monitoring Report released by the China Quality Miles Promotion Association shows that 7 of the 12 online security door samples do not meet the relevant standards, and the unqualified rate is close to 60%. According to the standard ----more