Dali Prefecture's main crop science fertilization g…

In order to deepen the popularization and application of soil testing and formula fertilization technology, optimize fertilization structure, realize quantitative optimization of fertilization, promote grain yield increase, increase agricultural efficiency, increase farmers' income and save ----more

Completion of the acceptance inspection of electrical a…

News Related Keywords: No tags. Fire Electrical System 1, the ground insulation resistance detection circuit automatic fire alarm system, the ground resistance, the system, the pipeline installation (fire resistance rating, spraying) and protection status; 2. Detect the setting status, installat ----more

Does plastic additives cause harm to the human body?

Plastic additives have always been based on o-benzene products, but with the wide application of plastic additives DOP in the food packaging and medical supplies industry, people are paying more attention to its toxicity. It has even been observed that when people lose blood stored in a PVC plastic ----more

What is a double-headed screw lift

The double-head screw lift does not mean that there are two heads. It is said that the screw rods of such screw lifts are specially treated and the lead is double that of conventional ones. Therefore, it is called a double-headed screw. Double-headed screw lifts have a wide range of uses in applica ----more

Notice on Revision of Implementation Rules for Safety C…

All relevant certification companies: The China Quality Certification Center (CQC) has revised the CQC11-463515-2014 cable safety certification rules for photovoltaic power generation systems recently. Application category: 011032. The main revisions are a ----more