Jade identification skills

Jade articles have a long history, from milled jade articles to exquisite jade carving works. Jade articles develop with the development of society, and jade culture is also richer. But nowadays, as the jade collection continues to heat up, the market has become muddy and mixed. Judging by the ----more

What is lavender?

Lavender is produced on the Mediterranean coast, across Europe and the Oceania Islands, such as the small town of Provence in the south of France. It was widely planted in the United Kingdom and Yugoslavia. It is now in Tennessee in the United States and Hokkaido in Japan. Xinjiang's Tians ----more

Gear pump in the installation of what are the requireme…

(1) Before installing the pump, check whether the pump body and the motor are damaged during transportation, such as whether the motor is damp, whether the dust cover of the pump's inlet and outlet is damaged or not, so that dirt enters the pump cavity. (2) oil pump and motor installed in the lo ----more

Shanghai spot copper price chart March 14

Shanghai spot copper price chart March 14 Alloy Aluminum PlateHigh Reflective Aluminum Sheet,Thin Aluminum Sheets,Aluminum SheetRuixiang Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. , http://www.hnaluminumsheet.com ----more

Polyester paint introduction

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The origin of the mushroom stone name

The mushroom stone is named after the protruding decorative surface like a mushroom, and it is also called the taro stone. It is mainly used for the decoration of outdoor walls, cylinders and other façades. It is especially simple, thick and stable. The products are widely used in the decor ----more

Problems you should pay attention to when buying flower…

When we bought flowers, we looked very beautiful and very excited. It didn't take long to buy them back, so when buying flowers, buying is crucial. First of all, when you buy flowers in the basin, you can see the new soil in the basin. When the stems are pulled up, the potted flowers will ----more