Chinese scientists develop all-weather solar cells

Scientists in Shandong and Yunnan have developed a "all-weather" solar cell. The well-known journals in the field of nano-research, the American Chemical Society, Nano and Nano Energy magazine, recently published articles reporting the results of the R&D of the team of professors from the China Ocean University Tang Qun Committee and the team of Professor Yang Peizhi of Yunnan Normal University.

Tang Qun Committee told reporters that "all-weather" solar cells work on the principle that when the sun shines on solar cells, not all solar energy can be absorbed by the cell and converted to electrical energy, and only part of the visible light is effectively converted to electrical energy. To do this, they introduce a key material in the battery. In the daytime when the sun shines, the solar cell photoelectric conversion efficiency is slightly improved, but also can not absorb the energy of visible light and near-infrared light stored in this material, and released at night as a single-color visible light. At this time, the monochromatic visible light is absorbed by the light absorber and converted into electric energy, thereby realizing that the solar cell can generate electricity both during the day and at night.

He said that the optimised all-weather solar cell has a photoelectric conversion efficiency of 10% under solar illumination and a photoelectric conversion efficiency of over 25% at night. At the same time, this kind of solar cell can last several hours at night. This study helps to extend the generation time of solar cells and is expected to generate electricity at any time and in any weather. The relevant results have been applied for invention patents in China.

This result has attracted international attention. Another well-known chemical journal "European Chemical Journal" recently invited the Tang Qun committee to write an article. This article entitled "All-Weather Solar Cells: The Rising Photovoltaic Revolution" has been published.

As an important part of new energy, solar energy has always been a hot area for clean energy research. Last year, the Tang Qun Committee and Yang Peizhi team developed a graphene material for the first time to make it possible for solar cells to generate electricity in rainy weather, and published a paper in the German Journal of Applied Chemistry “A solar cell that can generate electricity in sunlight and in the rain.” . (Reporter Wang Zichen)

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