Does plastic additives cause harm to the human body?

Plastic additives have always been based on o-benzene products, but with the wide application of plastic additives DOP in the food packaging and medical supplies industry, people are paying more attention to its toxicity. It has even been observed that when people lose blood stored in a PVC plastic bag, they will find the presence of DOP in the human body, especially in the lungs.
It is understood that plastic additives have become one of the largest additives in global production and use. So far, China is the country with the largest production and consumption of plastic additives in the Asian region. However, with the gradual improvement of environmental awareness in various countries, plastic products such as pharmaceuticals and food packaging, daily necessities, toys, etc. have put forward higher purity and environmental requirements for plastic additives. At present, plastic additives produced by domestic enterprises are in many aspects, especially Hygienic, low toxicity, etc. are difficult to meet the environmental requirements of countries.
According to research published by the National Cancer Institute, the United States has stopped producing six kinds of phthalate plastic additives. The Swiss government also decided to ban the use of plastic additives in children's toys. Germany also prohibits the use of plastic additives in all plastic products related to human and health foods. At the same time, in Japan, plastic additives are limited to industrial plastic products.
At present, the research and development of non-toxic plastic additive products have been accelerated internationally, especially the research on plastic additives with high environmental protection requirements and low toxic content. However, plastic additives that have been eliminated and banned abroad have a large market in China, and plastic additive manufacturers have not paid enough attention to the development and promotion of non-toxic new plasticizers. 80% of the plastic additives in the domestic market are plasticizers such as DOP and DBP (dibutyl phthalate). The key is because they are inexpensive. Even including the national standard "food containers, additives for packaging materials to make Sichuan health standards" also listed DOP as one of the varieties of plastic additives that can be used for food packaging.
Although internationally, whether or not plastic additives are carcinogenic is still controversial, but for the potential carcinogenic danger of plastic additives, countries around the world have begun to take corresponding measures to limit the possible use of plastic additives.

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