Energy-absorbing materials can "power" in many forms at the same time

The heat collected from the sun shining into the room and the heat generated by its own movement may be used to drive portable equipment and wearable devices such as biosensors and smart watches. According to the latest issue of the journal Applied Physics Letters, researchers at the University of Oulu in Finland found for the first time that at room temperature, minerals containing the perovskite crystal structure have the characteristic of simultaneously converting energy from multiple energy sources and are expected to achieve energy. The sustainable use of the Internet of Things and the development of smart cities.

There is a large family of perovskites, many of which can only capture one or two energies at a time. Some are good at converting solar energy into electrical energy, while others are good at obtaining energy from the temperature and pressure changes produced by the movement. They are called pyroelectric and piezoelectric materials, respectively.

However, in practice, it is not sufficient to rely on only one source of energy. Therefore, researchers hope to develop equipment that can use multiple forms of energy at the same time. The research team of the University of Oulu found that there is a specific type of perovskite (KBNNO) that can use multiple forms of energy.

For the first time, the new study evaluated almost all the properties of this material at room temperature. KBNNO is a kind of ferroelectric material (a branch of pyroelectric material). When subjected to temperature changes, it will produce current; at the same time, when the material is deformed under pressure, it will cause some areas to attract or repel the charge can also generate current. Studies have found that although this material performs well under heat and pressure, it is not the best, but its thermoelectric and piezoelectric properties can be improved by modifying its composition.

The researchers hope that the establishment of a multi-energy acquisition device prototype in the future, once found the best fit material, can be commercialized in just a few years. Maybe one day, this kind of multi-energy collection material will make you no longer need small equipment such as charging treasure, and the battery in it will be eliminated. (Reporter Hualing)

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