The principle of small yellow car password lock shared bicycle lock password works

What is the principle of small yellow car code lock? What is the workflow of OFO's shared cycling password principle? Many readers of the OFO bike lock principle have asked that there are not many password locks in the shared bicycle brand, most of which are Bluetooth electronic locks. Therefore, the lock code of the OFO yellow car has become its own characteristics. This article uses OFO as an example to introduce the principle of the small yellow car code lock and let users understand the workflow of unlocking. uLz Smart Lock China

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Yellow car lock lock unlocking principle process

The yellow yellow car's code lock has undergone several iterations of updating. At present, it has been upgraded from a mechanical code lock to an electronic code lock. In any case, its essence is still a code lock, which is unlocked by inputting the correct code. uLz Smart Lock China

The password of the mechanical code lock is fixed and can be manually input; the password of the electronic code lock is randomly changed and sent by the server, and the user inputs the unlock. uLz Smart Lock China

The structure of the code lock is not complicated. Generally, it is controlled by a code dial connected to the mandrel. Inside the code lock, the mandrel connects several wheels and a drive cam, and operates together to unlock. uLz Smart Lock China

The number of runners in the wheel set determines the length of the password digits, and the OFO yellow car password is 4 digits. Therefore, the wheel set has a total of 4 runners and a drive cam, and a runner represents a number, which the user is using. When you need to rotate the dial, take the wheel-type circular code lock as an example, you need to rotate the dialing digits to the yellow reference line. When rotating, the spindle rotates the drive cam, and the drive cam drives the drive pin shaft. As the cam rotates, the drive pin Contact the drive piece. uLz Smart Lock China

There is a transmission piece on both sides of the runner. The transmission pin rotates the runner until it touches the runner. During this process, it continues until all the runners are in the rotating position. Each runner on the mandrel has a notch and only rotates. The correct password, the wheel and its notches can be aligned. uLz Smart Lock China

Only when the four-digit number of the wheel lock is correct, all the wheels are fully aligned, and the notch aligns the stroke gap to allow the lock to release. uLz Smart Lock China

Therefore, the code lock principle of the OFO small yellow car is not complicated, using four dials, each ring has a concave position, the lock inside the lock shaft, the spindle above the protruding gear design, can be stuck ring, Rotate the dial to the correct password combination and the lock can be easily opened. uLz Smart Lock China

The yellow car password acquisition method is the key to unlock, the traditional mechanical lock password is single, remember the password can be cheated, so now basically has been upgraded to electronic locks, electronic lock password randomly changed, greatly increasing the safety of bicycle locks. uLz Smart Lock China

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When the user scans the code (you can also manually enter the body number), the mobile phone APP obtains the number of the bicycle and sends a request to the server to open the lock. After the server confirms, it sends the unlocking key, which is the bicycle unlocking password. The user enters the correct password. The password lock internal workflow and steps. uLz Smart Lock China

The principle of shared bicycle locks is still the principle of ordinary password locks. It is only based on password locks to facilitate the use of the APP and the server together to increase the security level. uLz Smart Lock China

The above is the introduction of smart lock Chinese network Xiaobian published shared bicycle locks work principle, more car lock knowledge, please pay attention to the site related content! uLz Smart Lock China

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