What kind of lobular rosewood is sold well?

What kind of lobular rosewood is sold well, presumably this is the most wonderful thing for the first-time collectors. The lobular rosewood bracelet is exquisitely made, and the feel is stable and easy to play, but the price range of lobular rosewood is not small, from a few hundred To a few thousand or even tens of thousands of people, this only makes ordinary consumers guilty, and Tibetan friends are also very puzzled. Today, Xiaobian will reveal what kind of lobular rosewood sales are good for everyone?

The following small series to reveal some of the shady scenes of the lobular rosewood market:

The first step to see the difference in raw materials

Left is old material, right is new material

There are many differences in the wood of lobular rosewood. From time to time, it is divided into new materials and old materials. The texture is divided into common materials, gold silk materials, chicken western materials and gold star materials. The materials are divided into scraps, aggregates and root materials. The prices of crafts made from different materials are also very different.

In terms of raw material cost, the price of small angle material and large piece of material differ greatly. The price difference between new material and old material is larger. Gold star or shadow wood is more rare and precious, and the price is not generally high. The lobular rosewood bracelet is cheaper than furniture because it is used less, and it is usually made of the leftover corners of the furniture. Therefore, the price of the lobular rosewood bracelet is not particularly expensive, and the price of the material is almost five. From one hundred yuan to one thousand five hundred yuan, and a slightly better price ranges from two thousand yuan to six thousand yuan or several thousand yuan.

The second step to see the raw materials

Some lobular rosewood bracelets are imported rare lobular rosewood materials, which are now more expensive on the market. However, because of the different materials and materials, the materials are different in price, so it is impossible to say exactly how much the price of the lobular rosewood bracelet is.

Because the lobular rosewood wood is well known in China, it is not produced in China. Now the lobular rosewood wood on the market is imported from India and other countries. According to customs statistics, lobular rosewood is now growing in many countries, and the price of lobular rosewood from different places is different. Among them, the quality of Indian lobular rosewood is the best. India's lobular rosewood is also divided into several export grades. The price of different grades of lobular rosewood timber exported to the Chinese market is also different, which results in different prices of imported lobular rosewood wood processed lobular rosewood bracelet price It is not the same.

The third step is to look at the processing and sales channels.

The leaf rosewood bracelet belongs to a finished product. From the import of wood to the processing of finished products, the processing level, style, size and other factors of the processing will affect the price of a single leaflet rosewood bracelet.

The fourth step is to look at the material and pattern.

Full of Venus, tumor scorpion (Sakura), water wave, fish scale (dragon scale), spiral Venus, rare texture is tumor ç–¤ plus Venus, tumor ç–¤ plus spiral star, tumor ç–¤ plus water wave, tumor ç–¤ plus fish scale or tumor ç–¤ + Water wave + fish scale + spiral Venus and so on. Among them, the rare texture market is extremely rare, and you must keep your eyes open to prevent other bad businesses from being deceived.

After reading so many introductions, do you have more understanding of what kind of lobular rosewood is sold? The beauty of wenwan is not in its expensive, but in the end of the game to appreciate the beauty of its changes. Therefore, even if you find that the lobular rosewood is in the ordinary, don't forget that you fall in love with it. Every object that accompany you is priceless, because time is not measured by money! Want to know more about the knowledge of lobular rosewood, please pay attention to GO Jiaju

Source: GO good home

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