Polyester paint introduction

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Polyester lacquer, also known as unsaturated polyester lacquer, is a multi-component lacquer that is a thick lacquer made from polyester resin as the main film-forming material. The paint film of the polyester paint is full and the layer is thick and hard. Polyester paint also has a varnish variety called polyester varnish. Curing is required during the construction of the polyester paint, and the amount of these curing agents accounts for one-third of the total amount of the paint. These curing agents are also known as hardeners and their main component is TDI (toluened diisocyanate/toluenediisocyanate). These free TDI will turn yellow, which will not only make the furniture paint yellow, but also make the adjacent wall yellow, which is a major drawback of polyester paint.

Fruit Bag is made of PE material, can be woven into different mesh sizes.

Fruit Bag is ideal and disposable for packaging of agricultural produces,such as onion,fruit etc.

Fruit Bag is also can be used in containing the soil of building.

Fruit Bags are strong enough for holding heavy products.

We can produce any colors and sizes according client's demands.

Fruit Bag

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