Problems you should pay attention to when buying flowers

When we bought flowers, we looked very beautiful and very excited. It didn't take long to buy them back, so when buying flowers, buying is crucial.

First of all, when you buy flowers in the basin, you can see the new soil in the basin. When the stems are pulled up, the potted flowers will not grow new roots just after the basin. Such a flower is easy to die after buying it back. The reason is that some business households will directly mix the decomposed organic fertilizer into the soil in order to pursue economic benefits. Once these fertilizers are fermented, the roots of the flowers will be burned out. Sometimes, in order to save labor or grab time, they planted the flowers without any finishing, and even listed the flowers and plants that were too heavy and could not survive. I accidentally bought such a flower, and most of them are difficult to survive.

Secondly, some of the two or more flower-planting managers seized the psychology of the buyer who liked to spend the flowers and leaves, and planted two or more flowers of the unsatisfactory flower seedlings in the pots. The buyer of experience, profit from it. The branches and leaves that grow after this flower is bought will become thinner, weaker and yellower every day, and the flowers will grow smaller and smaller. The reason is that the nutrition is insufficient, and there are too many roots in the basin, which is easy to be knotted, and may be caused by poor drainage and poor ventilation. Of course, special combination pots are not included here. In summer or winter, there is no earthy flower. In the hot summer, the temperature is very high, the leaves of the flower and tree evaporate quickly, and the roots of the new potted plants are more or less damaged. It is difficult to absorb water from the pot soil in a short time. Only with the original earthen group can it be safely through this transitional period, otherwise it will first appear wilting and then slowly die. In winter, the weather is cold, the flowers and trees grow slowly, and some flowers and trees even go into a dormant state. At this time, the flowers and trees without the soil mass are purchased from the market, and after the watering in the upper basin, there is a possibility of freezing damage, and the growth of the plants is hindered. Then die. Even if it is not cold, because the soil temperature is low, it is difficult for flowers and trees to grow new roots, and the old roots can not germinate for a long time, and are extremely perishable and necrotic. Especially in the Yangtze River basin and other areas without heating in winter.

Third, flowers with roots and no stems and leaves Some individual traders dig wild vines and miscellaneous tree roots for sale in the autumn and winter seasons. It is difficult to identify because there are no stems and no leaves. In order to moisturize, they are wrapped in moss and take some strange flower names to deceive inexperienced buyers. Some people are cheap, but after buying it, there are eighty-nine long leaves that do not bloom.

Fourth, a few flowers that can be used to bloom a variety of flowers. In order to make profits, some plants that cannot be flowered are inserted into fake flowers of various colors, and then photographed to make pictures, take some names of foreign flowers, and deceive friends who are learning flowers. . These street vendors sell a shot for a place, and it is difficult for the buyer to find them.

Fifthly, in order to sell a good price, the branches and flowers of the evergreens, such as conifers, are all tied with fine wires into various animal shapes, and then they are taken. Go to the market and sell bonsai at a high price. This potted flower was beautiful at the time, and the time was long. As the plant grew, the shape changed. Moreover, the simultaneous bundling of all the branches and leaves of the plant not only affects photosynthesis, but also easily causes pests and diseases, which is very detrimental to the growth of the plants.

Finally, cactus flowers with small frost spots on the stems or balls in the early spring season often see individual vendors selling cactus flowers at low prices. Some buyers do not scrutinize them. If they buy one, they will have ten trees and eight trees. The reason is that the cactus in the winter is very susceptible to slight frostbite, and the light green frost spots on the stem and the ball are smaller than the rice grains. The surface is not problematic, but the internal tissue of the plant has been greatly damaged. If no measures are taken, the spots will become larger and larger, the plants will gradually become translucent, and finally the whole plant will be necrotic.

After reading these little tips, be sure to pay attention when buying flowers.  

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