Top 100 Furniture Strolling Series: Slow down your steps and soothe your mood

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As if life is also strictly abiding by the law of conservation of energy, while we are busy rushing to achieve one goal, we also lose the freedom and ease of life. It is always beautiful to pass away, people begin to learn to be cherished, and freedom to soothe has become a lifestyle. The top 100 furniture series, inheriting the American pastoral style, create a beautiful pastoral home life with simple and free elements, let you “away from” the city.

Meilun strolling series furniture is unique in product design. It combines the craftsmanship of oriental furniture with the American-style simple design, which gives the whole home style more sense of age, history and collection. The rounding and chamfering treatment of the four corners of the furniture countertop, as well as the pilling of the 135-degree angle, the texture is warm and the lines are full, which makes the furniture more three-dimensional.

Meilun strolling series furniture is very demanding in terms of material structure and environmental performance. The wood raw materials are carefully selected from American ash wood and Chilean radiata pine to ensure the stability of the furniture structure, not easy to deform, tough and corrosion resistant, and the texture is rough and clear. Beautiful and smooth. Water-based wood lacquer as a coating, strictly follow the "low formaldehyde" concept, not only healthy and environmentally friendly, but also more expressive colors, smoother and more delicate.

The beautiful walk of the United States brings you the white sand breeze, the blue sea and the blue sky. It is born for you to live in the reinforced concrete jungle! In color, milk white, sky blue and wine red are like snowy beaches, blue sky, fragrant red wine. One by one, they are in the same place, and they are in it, as if a fresh and natural sea breeze is coming.

Whether you are working hard all day long, do you neglect the meaning of life itself, slow down your steps, push your home to live; relax your mood, and recline your bed is ease.

Polyurethane Screen Mesh absorbs the advantages of polyurethane. It is characterized by strong corrosion resistance, good wear resistance, low operating noise and high screening efficiency. Polyurethane screens have good flexibility, it can be freely combined with vibrating screens and other mining equipment. This product is fit for various areas, such as mines, refineries and quarries.


  • Screen material: polyurethane (PU).
  • Hole shape: round, square, rectangular. (or upon request).
  • Types: polyurethane fine screen mesh, tensioned polyurethane screen, modular polyurethane screen, steel core polyurethane screen.
  • Size: customized design.
  • Color: red, yellow, green, etc.


  • Good elasticity; high tensile strength.
  • Light weight; low operating noise.
  • Strong structure; good impact resistance.
  • Strong corrosion resistance; excellent wear resistance.
  • Good bearing strength; high screening efficiency.
  • Stable performance; long-term stability.
  • Maintenance free; economical.


  • Used in mines and quarries.
  • Used to sieving oil, coal, ore, gravel and sand, etc.
  • Widely applied in mining industry, chemical industry, power industry and construction industry.
Polyurethane Screen Polyurethane screen

Polyurethane Screen Mesh

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