Zinc Oxide Price and Distribution and Use of Zinc Oxide

The main component of zinc oxide is ZnO, but the grade is generally 45%-65%. The so-called "secondary" refers to the grade. In China, Guangxi, Guizhou, Yunnan, Hunan, and other places have large output, and its use is mainly to further process electrolytic zinc or zinc oxide. The price of zinc oxide varies slightly from one manufacturer to another. The price of zinc oxide is generally 7500 yuan/ton.

Since the beginning of the 21st century, with the rapid development of China's national economy, the domestic demand for zinc oxide has been increasing, and the price of zinc oxide has risen. Powerful promotion of the development of zinc oxide production enterprises, production capacity continues to expand. Incomplete statistics from our one year show that 99.7% of indirect zinc oxide production capacity has exceeded 300,000 tons; 85-99.5% of the direct method The annual production capacity of zinc oxide has exceeded 600,000 tons; the annual production capacity of 90-99% of wet zinc oxide has exceeded 100,000 tons; the total annual production capacity of finished zinc oxide has exceeded 1 million tons (excluding 85% sub-oxidation Zinc raw material).

The production of zinc oxide is a zinc product processing industry with a wide geographical distribution, a large number of manufacturers, the use of more raw materials, and simple and extensive production and management technologies. However, there is ample room for development in the comprehensive recycling of zinc resources. In recent years, the annual growth rate of zinc oxide has been growing faster, especially the indirect zinc oxide and zinc oxide wetlands have developed rapidly, mainly benefit from China's auto industry and highways, power grids and household appliances, digital communications and aquaculture. The rapid and rapid development of such industries; for example, radial tires have been growing at a rate of more than 25% per year for the past three years. By June 2008, it has exceeded 70% of the total capacity of tires, making indirect zinc oxide rapid development. The tire and rubber products industry is the industry that uses the largest amount of zinc oxide, and still accounts for more than 60% of the total amount of zinc oxide. Including indirect zinc oxide, direct zinc oxide and wet zinc oxide.

Zinc oxide is a white or slightly yellowish fine powder that is easily dispersed in rubber and latex. It is a reinforcing agent for natural rubber and synthetic rubber, an active agent and a vulcanizing agent. It is also a colorant and filler for white rubber compounds. After the active zinc oxide is added to the rubber compound, the rubber can have good abrasion resistance, tear resistance and elasticity. Used for coloring of paints, inks, linoleums, printing anti-dyeing agents for printing and dyeing industries, for neutralizing the acidity of cowhide gum in the match industry, increasing the adhesive effect, as raw materials for adhesive plasters in the pharmaceutical industry, and also for Manufacture of pigments such as zinc chrome yellow, zinc acetate, zinc carbonate, and zinc chloride, catalysts for the synthesis of methanol, desulfurizers for synthesis of ammonia, production of glass and glazes, and fine-grained active zinc oxide (about 0.1 μm in particle size) Light stabilizers such as polyolefins and polyvinyl chloride, and zinc oxide are also used in pressure-sensitive, photocatalytic, photoelectrode, paint, color TV development and other fields.

The transparent zinc oxide coating can effectively prevent the discoloration of the coating film. In addition to cosmetics, this zinc oxide can also be used as a raw material for automotive paints, furniture construction materials, inks, and paints, as well as anti-aging agents for rubber and plastics. The recently developed transparent film for food packaging is coated with transparent zinc oxide on a polyethylene film, which improves the UV resistance of the plastic film and also protects the quality of the food. With the development of high technology, people are developing zinc oxide whisker materials that are used as reinforcing materials for metals and ceramics, as well as materials for ceramics, plastic filter membranes, gas sensing elements, electromagnetic shielding materials, and zinc oxide materials with a large specific surface area. .

Air Levitation Centrifugal Blower

Air suspension centrifugal blower (single-stage high-speed centrifugal blower) is a new concept blower, which adopts three core high-end technologies of "super high speed direct motor", "air suspension bearing" and "high precision single-stage centrifugal impeller" A high efficiency, high performance, low noise, low energy consumption fan a new era. Is the use of aviation turbine design experience and painstaking research and development of a new generation of high-tech civilian products.

Folding single-stage centrifugal impeller


Impeller optional AL7075 (high-strength aviation aluminum), Ti, SUS and other materials, with excellent wear resistance, deformation resistance, the service life of 30 years. The impeller and the motor are connected in direct connection, the power transmission efficiency is 97%. Depending on the needs of the impeller casting, you can get the specific needs of the working conditions. The design adopts the frequency conversion adjustment mode to abandon the guide vane adjustment mode and make the adjustable range of the blower wider.


Folding oil-free air suspension bearings


Air-suspension bearings mainly include radial bearings and thrust bearings and other components. Before start-up there is a physical contact between the rotating shaft and the bearing. When starting, the rotating shaft and the bearing move relative to each other to form a hydrodynamic field where the hydrodynamic force forms a floating force. The floating force to make the rotary shaft in suspension and achieve the purpose of turning freely. This kind of bearing is different from the traditional ball bearing. There is no physical contact point between the rotary shaft and the bearing during operation, so there is no need for lubricating oil, and the energy loss is extremely low and the efficiency is very high. The utility model is suitable for various work environments. This technology can be applied to high-power high-speed machines up to 100,000 rpm. After rigorous testing, indicating that the number of starts up to 20,000 times the bearing, in full compliance with the design and practical requirements.


Fold super high speed FM motor


BLDCM permanent magnet brushless super high speed motor is the latest motor in the world with the development of permanent magnet material technology, semiconductor technology and control technology. Rotary shaft in operation at high speed of 20,000 - 200,000 revolutions, the efficiency of the engine up to 97%. Permanent magnet brushless super high speed motor is also equipped with digital control speed control device, the system control is simple. High speed, no vibration, low noise, small size, simple structure, high efficiency and energy saving, small electromagnetic radiation, is the most energy-saving green motor.


Folding fully automatic oil-free cooling system


Air suspension blowers feature a patented combination of oil-free, air-cooled, and water-cooled technology. The fin material is made of a very thermally conductive aluminum alloy (AL) material with no additional energy loss and simple construction. The air blower below 150HP using air self-cooling technology, air flow channel design is reasonable and ingenious, and excellent aerospace mechanical design and manufacturing technology supporting the design of the motor cooling wings. Large models above 200HP are equipped with a water-cooling medium internal circulation system, so there is no need for a separate cooling fan or supplementary cooling water. This cooling design ensures that the blower retains its outstanding and reliable performance during the hot summer months.


Noise reduction technology and internal vent valve


Blower internal vent bypass pipe with a vent valve and muffler, the shell made of carbon steel, the interior with sound-absorbing material. The air blower adopts pneumatic air venting valve in the airframe to ensure that the air blower has no effect on the safe shutdown under power off or abnormal conditions and is beautiful and generous. They are connected directly to the blower via flexible connections to reduce pressure losses and noise from the inlet lines. Filter and silencer for the steel shell, equipped with silencer material. Square or rectangular replaceable filter installed in the air inlet, with a good sound-absorbing material made of flaky structure of the overall import muffler, installed in the blower body between the air inlet and filter to reduce the import noise. Due to the high-tech air-suspension bearing technology, mechanical friction and vibration are completely avoided. After rigorous testing to prove that the machine at a distance of 1 meter from the machine noise level <80dB.


Folding high efficiency inverter and control system


Air suspension centrifugal blower itself has integrated local control and frequency conversion system in one, there is no need to set up a separate frequency control cabinet and operating cabinet. Through the fan's own control panel can be set to achieve a variety of functions and fluid temperature, motor speed, air pressure, air volume, power consumption parameters such as query. The system also supports digital remote control, monitoring functions, can be controlled by the central control room.

main feature

1, energy efficient

Air suspension centrifugal blower air bearings, direct technology, high efficiency impeller, permanent magnet brushless DC motor, no additional friction. Fan according to the output (adjustable volume 40-100%) automatically adjust the power consumption of the motor to maintain the high efficiency of equipment operation.

2, no vibration, low noise

Air bearings and direct connection technology, no vibration, fans do not need to set the sound insulation device; equipment, light weight, without setting a special foundation, the installation layout is simple and flexible.

3, no oil

Air blower uses air bearing technology, the system does not require lubricating oil system, to provide clean air to the special industries such as electronics, medicine, foodstuffs. Air bearing temperature reached 600 degrees, all the drawbacks of oil-bearing system has been successfully resolved.

4, no maintenance

There is no need for traditional fan gearbox and oil bearings, we use a series of high-tech impeller and motor do not use the coupling, direct connection, intelligent control system, the key components using AL7075 (aviation aluminum) These technologies ensure that the equipment is No maintenance, reducing the user's maintenance costs and improve the stability of the gas supply system.

5, operation and control convenience

Self-test and constant pressure operation, load / no-load operation, overload control, anti-surge control, etc. can be realized on the personal computer for fan speed, pressure, temperature and flow rate. The fan adjusts the flow by adjusting the number of revolutions of the impeller. According to the inhaled air temperature and pressure changes, adjust the number of revolutions can easily adjust the flow. Traffic can be adjusted automatically and manually.

6, equipment installation space is small

Air suspension centrifugal blower equipment, light weight, small size, easy installation, users can save a lot of construction and auxiliary electrical control system investment.

Collapse edit this section main advantage

High reliability, easy maintenance

Due to the adoption of two core high-tech technologies, "High-speed direct-coupled motors" and "air-suspension bearings", the system of growth gears, couplings, lubrication systems and cooling fans necessary for conventional single-stage high speed turbine blowers is discarded Greatly improve the product's process performance and reliability, to avoid noise, vibration and waste oil and other secondary pollution caused by the environment, greatly reducing the equipment maintenance workload, saving equipment maintenance costs

air suspension centrifugal blower

The main advantage

High reliability, easy maintenance

Due to the adoption of two core high-tech technologies, "High-speed direct-coupled motors" and "air-suspension bearings", the system of growth gears, couplings, lubrication systems and cooling fans necessary for conventional single-stage high speed turbine blowers is discarded Greatly improving the process performance and operation reliability of the product, avoiding the secondary pollution caused by noise, vibration and discarded lubricating oil on the environment, greatly reducing the equipment maintenance workload and saving the equipment maintenance cost.

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Air Levitation Centrifugal Blower

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