How much is a decoration electrician?

The decoration of the new house was originally a water and electricity decoration, and the water and electricity decoration must be operated by professionals. Therefore, it is necessary to ask the master of electricity and water. How much is it to decorate the electrician for a day ? In the process of decoration and hydropower, what problems need to be noted? If you have such a Doubt, next can take a look at the content shared below.

How much is a decoration electrician one day

How much is a decoration electrician a day? Labor costs about 30 yuan per square meter, tooling costs up to 25 yuan, an average of about 60 yuan per square meter, if you control the cost of tooling, can be controlled at 50 yuan per square meter. There is also a material fee, as follows:

1. Switch socket bottom box, 86 type 10 yuan a, 118 type 15 yuan a, 16 information integrated box 160 yuan a set, dark pipe quote is 28 yuan per meter, Ming Guan quote is 18 yuan per meter.

Lines: Wires used in telephone lines, network cables, television lines, audio lines, audio lines, video lines, background music, etc.

2. Cold-bend pipe wire, thick 1PVC pipe generally need 3, more than 3 plus 5 yuan per meter.

Hydropower decoration need to pay attention to what

1. The waterproofing project is carried out after the construction of the concealed project is completed and accepted. Waterproof shall be applied with the coating film during the waterproof construction, and 2 water storage tests shall be done. The waterproof layer of the bathroom shall not be less than 1.8 meters, and the floor drain, Yin Yang angle, pipeline, etc. Do a lot more waterproof. It is not advisable to go from the ground when waterproofing, and the hot and cold water pipes are distributed around. When the cold pipe is arranged, there must be a protective layer of 1cm in the wall, and the heat pipe is 1.5cm. Therefore, when the slot is made, it must be deep and the thickness of the tile should be considered when installing the PPR pipe so that the pipe will not be exposed.

2. Select the floor drain to buy deodorant features, buckets to buy large, leading and counter basins must be installed; install the toilet can not use cement, use silicone; buy the toilet before you consider the pit of the barrel.

3. To install the toilet pipe to reserve manholes, the mirror should consider the appropriate size. When installing the line, strong and weak electricity can not be put in the same pipe, the power outlet is 300 from the ground, and the switch is 1.4 meters.

4 light switch to choose dual control, a lot of appropriate socket, good use of the cassette, the cassette must be matched with the panel, high power appliances with 16A socket, the other switch position not installed behind the door.

5. The toilet shall be installed with a splash-proof socket. The balcony socket shall be installed with a wire trough to be horizontal and vertical, and it is convenient to use it later; and the cross-sectional area of ​​the wires in the PVC wire tube shall not exceed 40% of the cross-sectional area of ​​the wire duct.

6. The air conditioning in the bedroom should not be facing the bed. The air conditioning hole should be considered outward. Otherwise, the rainwater will come in. The instructions and warranty card must be kept well.

The article concludes: How much is the decoration electrician and the related contents of the water and electricity decoration need to pay attention to? This article is introduced here, and is shared with friends in need. I hope you can get help after reading this article. Solve the decoration troubles.

How much is a decoration electrician one day

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