The main bedroom Bay window design features the main bedroom Bay window introduction

In today's society, everyone is pursuing high-quality and comfortable home life. Many people design bay windows in new houses. Indeed, the bay window has multiple functions and it is favored by many owners. So, what are the design features of the bedroom window? Below, Xiao Bian gave you some information about the design of the main bedroom bay window .

First, the main bedroom Bay window design features

1. If a bedroom is decorated with a window in the bedroom, there will be plenty of light everywhere in the room. You can also watch the outside scenery in the bedroom. The master bedroom's main bedroom is more focused on reflecting warmth and quietness. The main bedroom bay window can also serve as a very good viewing platform. Lying on the window sill, put two cushions on it, sitting or lying, watching the traffic during the day and watching the starry sky at night. Another aspect of using the main bedroom window is its adequate lighting.

2, generally many windowsills will be relatively low, will be designed to become floor to ceiling windows, its design is a sleek, simple style, the use of geometric lines decorated, bright colors jump, the facade is simple and smooth, with waves, porch-style pick boards or decorative lines, with Features such as special-shaped roofs such as blocks, blocks, and a strong three-dimensional sense of the facade, are reasonably applied with color patches and ribbons.

Second, the main bedroom Bay window design - what is the master bedroom bay window

1, the main bedroom Bay window is generally divided into two forms. It is divided into two master bedroom bay windows with stairs and completely landing. The landing windows are integrated with the ground. They not only increase the function of lighting and ventilation of the apartment, but also add to the facade of the commercial housing. Architectural charm. Therefore, the calculation of the floating window area of ​​the master bedroom has become a hot spot for consumers.

2. The window of the master bedroom is a window that protrudes outwards. The usual shapes are convex rectangles and trapezoids. The height of the bay window will not be very high. It is equipped with glass on three sides, both with large-area glass lighting and a spacious window sill, which can visually extend the interior space.

3, decoration master bedroom Bay window, according to the location of the room is not suitable, can not be applied. Low window sill master bedroom window, is a multi-storey, high-rise residential should pay more attention to the use of safety. The national standard “Residential Design Specification” clearly stipulates that protective measures should be taken when the window sill of the external window is less than 0.9 meters above the floor of the indoor building.

Summary: After Xiao Bian's explanation of the above article, I believe that all my friends have already had a basic understanding of the design of the Bay Window . If you want to know more about the Bay Window, please continue to pay attention to this site information.

Master bedroom window design

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