What are the advantages of floor heating nets over other construction nets?

Floor heating mesh is a kind of mesh often used in heating engineering. It is a kind of special floor heating network that is professionally used to reinforce the floor heating pipes and has another anti-cracking effect.
When the floor is warmed up, the floor heating sheet under the floor heating pipe is used to strengthen the group strength of the insulation board and facilitate the placement and secure heating of the pipes. When sharing the heat source water system with other heating systems, and when the other heating systems accept perishable components such as steel radiators, the pipe should have an oxygen-barrier layer and be used to prevent the oxidative corrosion of the system. Therefore, it is called a floor heating net, which can also be called a geothermal net and a floor heating net. The floor heating mesh facilitates the placement of the pipe and the construction speed is faster. It is necessary to secure the pipe at the top of the wire mesh. And can strengthen the bearing capacity of the roof to stop the formation of cracks, cracks, collapse and other undesirable signs. The greatest advantage is that the heat transfer performance of the wire mesh sheet is very good, which promotes the heat evenly. Insulation and cracking keep building the trust of the industry. As a result, our floor heating nets were specially received in the construction industry.

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