800 smart door locks - Analysis of the advantage of the gossip smart lock

Gossip Smart Lock is a full-industry-chain high-tech company that focuses on the research, development, manufacturing, sales, and technical service of smart locks. The quality of products and services have won the trust of many customers. So what is the advantage of gossip smart locks? What are its advantages? Follow Xiaobian to learn more about it.


First, humane

Gossip Smart Lock incorporates high technology such as machinery, electronics, and cloud computing, and its intelligent system can realize intelligent monitoring, remote alarm and other functions. When the family enters and exits and is pushed directly to the mobile phone client through the cloud, is the child safe to go home after school? If parents forget to lock the door when they leave school, the security in the home is at their disposal.

Mass fingerprinting and password modification systems can add multiple fingerprints at the same time and change passwords at any time. Each family member's fingerprint information has its own unique nickname. After using the fingerprint to unlock it, you can tell you “I'm back” through the gossip smart lock. The family interaction is more warm; after the decoration is completed, the decoration master's fingerprint information can be deleted. It eliminates the hassle of changing locks and keying.

The built-in intelligent sensing module of Gossip Smart Lock can also accurately identify various illegal opening methods. Once it detects that someone is trying to break in illegally, it will immediately lock the electronic switch and send a 90-dB whistle alarm sound and remotely alarm the information. Send to the owner's mobile phone, you can decide whether to call the police according to the specific circumstances, further strengthen the home security.

Second, more secure

The keyholes of traditional mechanical locks are directly exposed. If they are spotted by thieves known for their mechanical lock structure, they can easily destroy the entire lock structure through the keyholes. The first line of defense that protects family safety may be disintegrated in an instant. Gossip smart lock is different, it has no exposed keyhole position, the central control system is also hidden in the security door, need to use fingerprint or password to open the door. There is no worry of losing the keys, and there is no need to worry about the vandalism of the thieves. The security is even higher. In addition, Gossip's fingerprint entry uses a biometric technology that requires sensing of various physiological features such as finger temperature, lines, and blood flow to identify the identity, and is irreplaceable and unreplicable.

Third, more convenient

The most intuitive manifestation of the smart lock's convenience is that it is no longer necessary to take the key out of the house. A large number of keys are not too light and are afraid of being lost. It is even more inconvenient to carry them around. They always worry about leaving the keys out. The use of gossip smart lock can completely avoid the above-mentioned embarrassing situation and make life easier and more convenient.

The above content is about the introduction of gossip smart locks. Smart locks are favored by more and more young people with many advantages. With the development of science and technology, smart locks will certainly replace traditional mechanical locks. We also look forward to gossip smart lock can provide you with more and more good products, leading thousands of families into the era of intelligence.

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