Online shopping security door is destroyed in 8 minutes

The 2017 China Anti-Theft Security Door Product Quality and Service Monitoring Report released by the China Quality Miles Promotion Association shows that 7 of the 12 online security door samples do not meet the relevant standards, and the unqualified rate is close to 60%. According to the standard requirements, the anti-destruction time of the Class A security door must be more than 30 minutes, but some security doors are destroyed in just over 8 minutes.

Qiu Rixiang, director of the Safety and Police Electronic Product Quality Testing Center of the Ministry of Public Security, said that from the analysis of the test items, the quality of the security door products is mainly reflected in the fact that the thickness of the plate does not meet the standard requirements, and the product protection performance is not up to standard; there is no skeleton in the middle of the product. The protective performance of the product is not up to standard; the protective parts of the lock are not strengthened, and the protective steel plate does not play a good protective role, resulting in the product's protective performance not meeting the standard; the product identification requirements of individual products are not up to standard.

From the thickness of steel sheet and other material thickness, soft impact performance, impact barrier performance, hinge rotation performance, locks, anti-destructive performance, etc., the results show that it is quite solid, Panpan, Rishang, Feiyun, Germany The seven brand samples of Shield, Ruiyi and Elegance did not meet the requirements of national standards, and the sample failure rate accounted for 58.3%. In the anti-destructive performance test, according to the standard requirements, the damage prevention time of Class A door when using ordinary mechanical hand tools for damage test shall not be less than 30 minutes, but it is quite solid, Feiyun, Dedun, Ruiyi, and elegant. The above-mentioned anti-theft door samples do not meet the relevant standards. Among them, the anti-theft door sample with the nominal brand “tough” has the shortest time of destruction, only 8 minutes and 11 seconds.

Ning Li, deputy secretary-general of the Quality Miles Promotion Association, said that he had issued an "Advisory Letter" to Tmall, Taobao and other online purchases, requesting the online shopping platform to remove the unqualified security door brand. (Reporter Yu Lishuang)

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