Surface treatment classification

Surface treatment technology has a very wide range of content. It is difficult to generalize the classification from one angle. At present, there is no unified classification method. We can classify from different angles.
Under normal circumstances, according to the processing principle, surface treatment technology can be divided into electrochemical treatment technology, chemical treatment technology, heat treatment technology, vacuum treatment technology and other processing technologies. The specific classification is shown in Table 1-1.

According to the specific surface treatment technology, surface treatment technology can be divided into: surface heat treatment, chemical heat treatment, physical vapor deposition, chemical vapor deposition, ion implantation, electron beam enhancement, laser enhancement, flame spraying, arc spraying, plasma spraying, explosive spraying, Electrostatic spraying, fluidized bed coating, electrophoretic coating, surfacing, electroplating, brush plating, autocatalytic deposition (electroless plating), hot dip plating, chemical conversion, sol-gel technology, self-propagating high temperature synthesis, enamel, etc. .
According to the surface morphology change after processing, the surface treatment technology can also be divided into electroplating, anodizing, electroless plating, chemical conversion film treatment (or chemical conversion), hot dip coating, thermal spraying, hot stamping, chemical heat treatment, vacuum evaporation. Plating, sputter plating, ion plating, chemical vapor deposition, ion implantation, impact plating, coating, laser surface processing, and the like. The specific classification is shown in Table 1-2.

According to the purpose of surface coating (film layer), surface treatment technology can be divided into four categories: surface strengthening, surface modification, surface decoration and surface functionalization.
(1) Surface strengthening can be further divided into heat treatment strengthening, mechanical strengthening, metallurgical strengthening, coating strengthening and film strengthening, etc., focusing on improving the surface hardness, strength and wear resistance of the material.
(2) Surface modification mainly includes physical modification, chemical modification, three-beam (laser, electron beam and ion beam) modification, etc., focusing on improving the surface topography of the material and improving the surface corrosion resistance.
(3) Surface decoration includes various paint coating and finishing techniques, focusing on improving the visual effect of the material and giving it sufficient weather resistance.
(4) Surface functionalization means that the surface layer has other physical and chemical properties than the above properties, such as electrical properties, magnetic properties, optical properties, sensitive properties, separation properties, catalytic properties, and the like.
Depending on the type of material to be treated, surface treatment techniques can be divided into four categories: metal (alloy) surface layer, ceramic surface layer, polymer surface layer and composite surface layer. Specific surface treatment methods include thermal spraying, autocatalytic deposition, laser surface treatment, ion implantation, hot dip plating, and the like.
According to the materials used in surface treatment, surface treatment techniques can be divided into atomic deposition, particle deposition, overall coverage, surface modification, and the like.

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