Smart lock cost is how much to buy what price smart lock is appropriate

With the popularization of the concept of smart homes, smart locks, which are safe and convenient products, are gradually being purchased by people. The rapid development of the smart lock industry has also brought about many problems. Some irresponsible companies are not shy of shoddy for the sake of short-term interests, and the use of the industry's copy price has disrupted the industry and the market, and has also harmed the interests of many users. Therefore, when buying smart locks, you must not take it lightly, and you must not blindly buy them because of cheap prices. How much is the cost of smart locks? How much smart lock to buy is appropriate?

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Smart lock costs

We know that the price of the product = the actual production cost + the profit of the middleman management operation + the profit of the terminal sales. According to the cost accounting of the current industry, the ex-factory price of a smart lock can be profitable at about 1,000 yuan, and at least 1,500 yuan for the terminal market, and at least 2,000 yuan for large brands and industry-renowned brands.

But every industry always has some spoilers who only care about immediate interests. So when you search for a smart lock on a treasure, you will be surprised to find out: When the smart lock becomes so cheap, there are actually 300 or 500 intelligences. Lock; In many industry exhibitions, there are many manufacturers have played a low-cost investment signs, the lowest or even as low as 299 yuan each smart lock. Is it time for the people to replace the smart lock?

In fact, a few hundred dollars of smart locks are used to reduce costs, both in terms of quality and service. Perhaps a few hundred dollars to buy back is nothing more than a mechanical lock than the electronic lock to open the fingerprint function, not really a smart lock.

After many users bought a few hundred smart locks from a certain treasure, the fingerprints could not be recognized within a few months, and the mechanical keys also failed. This was a convenient smart lock for life, but it brought troubles to life. . When a business is found, most businesses do not make excuses to shirk their responsibilities, either by dragging them in and out, or even directly playing them. Therefore, the low-priced smart lock can't be bought, and whoever buys it regrets.

How much smart lock is appropriate

For many people, it's too expensive to buy, too cheap to trust. So how much money smart lock is most suitable? First of all, we have to calculate an account, you think, spend six thousand to buy an Apple mobile phone, it will change in two years; spend a few hundred hair once, at most After a few months, smoking a pack of cigarettes a day for a dozen dollars, and thousands of dollars in a year, it is not conducive to good health...

Therefore, spending a year's cigarette money to buy a lock is not expensive, and it is a lock that can be used for ten years and eight years to protect family life and property safety.

Of course, there are users who say: "You don't smoke or drink, nor are you rich, but you want to experience high-tech smart locks." It is suggested that such users should purchase smart locks whose price is around 1500, because many well-known brands in the industry have also introduced smart locks with a cost-effective ratio of 1,500 to satisfy the young people who have just entered the society. It is also guaranteed in quality and service, but it must be a well-known brand in the industry.

For those users who are more affluent, it is recommended to purchase smart locks with more than 2000, because at present many smart lock brands, under the premise of considering cost and profit, most smart locks are priced between 2000-4000, so this price range Products are not only available with more products, but also with more brand choices, and there are also many brand names in the industry.

If it is local tyrants, you can choose five or six thousand or even one or two thousand high-end smart locks.

Formal channels to purchase brand smart locks

The brand is the image of the company and also represents the quality, service, and added value of the company's products. Therefore, when the user chooses a smart lock, he must purchase a smart lock brand with a certain popularity. Of course, some people may say that brands that are somewhat famous are expensive, but they are justified, at least when the product fails.

Smart locks are different from ordinary goods and require professional installation after purchase. The quality of the installation also affects the stability of the product and its use experience in the future. The low-cost smart lock brand is certainly a hasty matter when it comes to installing low-cost products. When problems arise in the future, it is a direct escape.

But well-known brands can't do this, because it requires long-term and sustainable development, and harming users is equivalent to cutting off their own future development. Therefore, they must be professional when installing.

Choosing a brand is important, but no matter what the brand's product is, it can only be guaranteed by purchasing through formal channels. The reason why many users have problems in the smart lock, it is difficult to get high-quality after-sales service, because it is for the sake of cheaper choice of online smart lock personal seller or seller without the vendor authorized.

Therefore, the purchase of smart lock must choose the formal channels, a brand-name smart lock can not be sold to you for several hundred dollars. Door locks are the guarantee of family safety. They are not disposable items. Do not try to buy cheap fake products. About the smart lock better brand, Xiao Bian had introduced before, want to know the friends can give us a message at the bottom of the article.

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