GO Jiaju teaches you 4 kinds of mentality to avoid the textile textile store manager

As a investor, home textile franchisees are not able to manage the storefront. Many of the franchisees of home textiles have chosen to hand over the storefront to the professional store manager. The store manager acts as the daily manager of the franchise store. The performance has a vital role, as a home textile franchise brand, I believe that the length of a store needs to avoid the following mentality.

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The store manager with this kind of mentality only opened the door to work in the store, closed the door after work, and customers enter the store to entertain. They are not idle. They often turn a blind eye to the problems that arise in the operation. It is just a miscellaneous thing for him to go to work. Such a store manager is ineffective, and even worse than some dedicated shopping guides.

2. shirk responsibility

This kind of store manager always has his own reasons for what happened. If the performance is not good or there are other problems, he will not think that it is his fault, but to shirk responsibility to others. This kind of mentality will make people in the franchise store distracted, and other staff members will be affected and shirked, which is very unfavorable to the operation of the store.

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3. Performance is the only standard

For such a store manager, the standard he judges is only performance. He does not care about things other than performance. This kind of mentality and handling will make employees think that working here is a profit-seeking plan, so that employees feel that they are not respected and recognized. For employees' enthusiasm for work, it is easy to cause high turnover rate of store staff.

4. The store is under my control, it should be done as I said.

Some store managers think that the boss should hand over the store to him, then all the things should be listened to him. For the company's decision-making, it is often willing to listen, listen to the heart, and do it according to your own ideas. Such an idea is not conducive to the management of the store, and may even have serious consequences.

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If the investor is in trust, the store will be handed over to the store manager. The store manager should also have a good attitude to seriously manage the storefront, timely handle the daily problems, and let the employee's mentality and sales performance of the franchise store be in a good or even excellent level.

Editor in charge: Shanghai GO Jiaju

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