Home Creativity: Alternative wine storage methods

If you are a wine fanatic, you will definitely have a lot of collections, so where do you usually put them? The first choice is definitely the wine cellar, but if you don't have enough space at home, you can make a wine cellar. If so, then Xiaobian will teach you a few ways to store wine and creativity, and turn your home wine into a beautiful landscape!

Alternative wine storage method

Kitchen wine cooler

If you live a Western life, if your kitchen is not hot enough, then you can consider transforming the kitchen table into a small wine cabinet. Save space and add a little detail to the kitchen. But if your kitchen is too much smoke, be careful.

Alternative wine storage method

Small wine cooler on the wall

At first glance, I thought that this wine cabinet was grown from the wall. In fact, this is a wine cabinet made of space using pillars and walls. Do you often worry about the pillars in your home, which is a waste of space? This solution solves your troubles well, and the tall wine cabinet is very stylish if it is full of wine.

Alternative wine storage method

If you think that the square wine cabinet on the wall is a bit old-fashioned, you can choose the circle type. Is it a bit lively?

Alternative wine storage method

Small wine cooler under the stairs

The space under the stairs can only be used as a utility room? You are really wasting. The space under the shady stairs is actually a good place to store red wine, but be careful to keep your feet lighter.

Alternative wine storage method

Is this a tree?

The wine cabinet can also be a decoration? Of course, no problem. This is a decorative tree and also a wine cabinet. You can store a small amount of wine here, you can put your favorite red wine here. You can also put your favorite bottle here as an ornament. Think about it, it is quite romantic to have a wine tree at home.

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