How to choose furniture after 80?

With the passage of time, the generation after the 80s gradually entered the age of becoming a family, and gradually became the main force in the purchase of furniture. So how do they choose in the process of looking for furniture?

80 post furniture view

Looking for furniture to learn from others' experiences online

According to industry insiders, in the house layout and furniture purchase, "Post-80s" has a fashionable and peculiar concept, and pays great attention to the experience of others. They often go to some websites and forums to hunt for the information about the furniture they need, compare and discuss their ideas with others, and learn from each other. It is understood that many popular websites now have a lot of home-themed channels, and many netizens like to go to popular websites to "bath" their homes. “Looking at other people’s photos is an inspiration to them. Some amazing ideas can be used as a reference for buying furniture in the future.”

After reading the relevant information on the Internet, many young people went to the corresponding home plaza to select furniture. "80s" used the information on the website as an important reference because the network information is more comprehensive, and it is possible to exchange experiences with others, so that it is easier to find a furniture that is more suitable for oneself.

Network information is more simple and comprehensive

It is understood that many people who use the "sun" furniture on the forum feel that the voice of netizens is relatively simple and true. The information on the quality and price of furniture products is generally truthful. It is rarely deliberately exaggerated, so the credibility is compared. High, has a high reference value.

Xiao Yuan, who got married at the beginning of this year, said that he has been paying attention to relevant information on major home websites and forums since the second half of last year. "Everyone knows what they know and communicates with each other. Basically, they can understand certain brand furniture. The price range, some netizens will teach you how to talk to the furniture dealer about the price."

Miss Li told reporters that when she was visiting the forum, if she saw the beautiful pictures posted by the netizens, valuable suggestions or found the furniture style that she particularly liked, she would record the brand of these furniture, and then through friends and netizens. Consult the brand's price, quality and other information, plan your own expenses, and then go to the home shopping center for "field visits." “Recently, several series of furniture have been included in the scope of purchase, but since the house has not been completely renovated, there is no final decision on which series of matching furniture to buy,” she said.

Choosing furniture pays attention to the appearance is also practical

After the "80s", the personality is clear, dare to be dare, and have their own opinions and pursuits for living and living. They are easily attracted by the appearance of the furniture, but also care about its practicality. Simple, stylish, comfortable and practical, and creative is the important style they like.

When purchasing furniture, the “post-80s” pursues a kind of enjoyment or added value that a product or service can provide. Therefore, the style of the home should not only reflect their identity and taste, but also have the elements of fashion, fun, fashion, etc. “When buying furniture, fashion, modern, romantic appearance and certain practicality constitute After 80, buy the main theme of furniture."

Most of the young people around the age of 25 have just started living independently and have more fantasies about furniture. Although they are willing to capture the most cutting-edge fashion trends and are willing to try the most daring personality, some of them lack sufficient economic accumulation, and they can't do whatever they want in furniture purchase. They should also consider themselves when choosing their favorite furniture. The economic ability, they may not choose the most luxurious furniture, but the selected furniture will meet their aesthetics. The materials for this age range are also varied. Whether it is transparent glass, natural solid wood, smooth and simple plate, soft and warm fabric, they are their favorite.

The article was edited by Suzhou Home Network.

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