What are the feng shui in the bedroom furniture?

Bedroom feng shui is an important design factor in the decoration of the bedroom. It is related to the various fortune of the occupants and the health of the family, and it also affects the relationship between the husband and wife. Today we introduce a few things about the feng shui of the bedroom, I hope to bring some help in the renovation of your new house.

1, the pattern

The layout of the bedroom is best to be square, try to avoid the shape of sharp corners or beveled edges. The alien bedroom is easy to cause anxiety, causing nerve pressure, which increases the mental burden of the person and causes physical discomfort.

2, light

The light in the bedroom should be bright, which allows for good daylighting while keeping the bedroom airy. Let the occupants feel comfortable and have a good spirit.

Bedroom Furniture

3, the door

The bedroom door cannot be facing the toilet. If it is unavoidable for architectural reasons, it is also necessary to stagger the door to design. Avoiding the suffocation and moisture of the toilet affects the mood of the occupants and affects the health of the person. At the same time, the door can not be facing the mirror, the reflection of the mirror will be fierce into the bedroom, causing bad fortune. Thereby affecting the personal career and even the feelings between husband and wife.

4, bed

The bed is the most important home in the bedroom, so it is especially particular about the placement of the bed. The design of the bedside is best to rely on the wall to avoid hollowing out, which means that there is a sense of backing, which can give people a sense of security, and the occupants will have a good body and mind. Beds should not rest on the toilet wall to avoid suffocation. It is also not appropriate to place it under the cantilever beam. The optimal size of the bed surface from the ground is about 50cm. Keeping the air circulation at the bottom of the bed and reducing the moisture on the ground is also an important factor in health.

5, location

The bedroom should not be colored next to the kitchen. The heavy smoke and loud sound can easily affect the life of the bedroom, which will bring impetuous and unstable emotions, thus affecting sleep.

Feng Shui

6, decoration

The bedroom decorations should avoid using some sharp sharp tools, and the flowers and plants should not be too much, and the appropriate decoration can be. Too many plants tend to gather gas and yin, and some plants absorb oxygen at night, releasing carbon dioxide, which easily affects people's health.

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