Teach you how to measure

Whether it is decoration or buying furniture, measuring room is always inevitable, and it is also a thing that every buyer must learn, because it can save a fee. Therefore, today, Chengdu Home Network Xiaobian will come to teach you how to measure! The text is a bit too much, be patient and read it~

How to measure

First of all, please remind yourself: this is the house you are going to stay in. You must do this most basic job with a more serious attitude than professionals.

Preparation tools: several pieces of white A4 paper, one tape measure (5 meters long), one ruler with scale (20 cm is enough, the triangle is better), one black pen, one blue water pen, red water One pen, one pencil, one rubber. The ancients said that if they want to do their best, they must first sharpen their tools.

The following are personal experiences, which are similar to the scene replay at the time.

1. Start at the door of the house and start painting along the left side of the door until the end of the door is drawn, and sketch a sketch on the white paper. Note that the standard for the first step is that the general plan of the house can be obtained, including the inner edge of the house and all the walls in the house. No need to pay too much attention to angles, ratios, etc. (The homeowner is a second-hand house, there is no original floor plan, if you have a floor plan you can ignore this step)

2. Simple handling of sketches. According to people's habits, when painting the interior walls of a room, you must bring out the thickness of the wall. So in this second step, the thickness of the load-bearing wall is turned into a straight line, and the wall that can be smashed indoors (non-bearing wall), regardless of whether you decide to get rid of it now, retains the thickness.

3. Use the tape measure to measure the length of each representative on the sketch accurately. Use the pen to mark it next to it. It is recommended to use the centimeter as the unit (professionals use millimeters as the unit, personally think that it is not necessary to be so professional).

4, windows, doors, heating. A total of three items, the dimensions on the plane are measured separately, and then added to the sketch. Geothermal friends seem to be lazy.

5, Congratulations to get the initial level of the house sketch! Take the breath first ~ ~ road is long and long, and there is a lot of measurement work to do.

The above is a sketch of the plane of the house. However, the house can be 3D. How can the vertical space be reflected on the drawings? I believe that everyone has different methods. I chose a stupid way I can do it: Record data.

First of all, analyze what the vertical space needs to consider: waterways, gas, electric circuits, heating, ventilation.

Note that the original decoration of different houses is different. I am a second-hand house refurbished, without any drawings, and plan to make full use of the original line facilities. It is recommended that friends who renovate second-hand houses choose to use the original line facilities as I do. Some friends are rough room decoration, the line can be provided by the developer. Whether or not to use the original line is entirely determined by personal preference.

6. Look carefully and put all the water pipes, gas pipes, gas meters, switches, sockets, lamp holders, heating pipes and ventilation pipes that you can find on the sketch. Since you can find it on the surface, what you find is basically a tube. The concealed pipe can only know the position at this time, and it will not be ignored.

7. Analyze waterway, gas, heating and ventilation. Find the waterway and gas head that enters the room. If there is a tap water switch in the room, it is best. Please pay attention to the position of the gas meter and the direction of the gas pipe. The original decoration of different houses is different. My four items have upper and lower entrances and exits. Therefore, the position, diameter and distance between the entrance and exit should be measured accurately and marked on the map.

8, analysis of the circuit. Find the head of the circuit that enters the room. If there is an in-room circuit, the main switch is optimal. Accurately mark the position measurement on the sketch.

9. Measure the height of the building with a tape measure. If there is a difference in the height of the place, please indicate it. Generally only the top floor of the house will be different.

10. Take a lot of photos of the interior of the house with a digital camera.

Now you can go home and draw pictures~~~

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