Understand that these buyers are not being fooled.

Home textiles are home textiles, and some people call it soft decoration. Our current saying is that now that the textile industry has developed, it can be divided into three major fasts, one of which is clothing and one piece of industrial textiles. Then the remaining textiles are home textiles. Including bedding, towels, carpets, fabrics, outdoor and more. At present, all kinds of home textile products on the market are dizzying, but some home textile materials are full of harmful substances; some home textiles are too old. How to choose a home textile that suits you? Today, Chengdu GO Home Network Xiaobian will take you to look at it first, the biggest category of home textile products - how to choose bedding:

(1) Look at the sheets

Look at the minimum size of the sheet in the description of the product. If the sheet is 230*250, then the width of the fabric used is 90% wider than 230 sheets (compared to 250 width), which is also made with 250 width. For 230+250 sheets, manufacturers do this to save costs. In addition, ask the seller whether the size reported is the size of the blank or the size of the finished product.

(2) look at the pillowcase

The size of the national standard pillowcase is 48*74 (inside diameter). In some product descriptions, the size of the pillowcase is 50*80, which is vague. In fact, 50*80 is the outer diameter and the inner diameter is only 40*70. Although this size will save costs, the high-grade pillows will not be installed. Go in.

(3) Look at the quilt cover

Most of the quilt size is marked as 200*230. Buyers must consult the seller before purchasing. Ask if the 200*230 is the finished size or the size after shrinking (because the cotton fabric has more or less shrinkage). ). In addition, it is necessary to ask whether there is a fixed rope tied to the core in the seller's quilt. If there is no fixed rope, you must manually fix the rope on the quilt cover after you buy the quilt cover, so as not to be squished by the core during use. Into a group.

(4) Look at the width

99% of the width of the 250cm door is a high-grade fabric, and some 230cm wide is also a high-grade fabric (active combing), but the next 230cm wide-width fabric will no longer be produced! If the size of the sheet is 230 * 250cm (this is to save some costs), you have to consult the seller if the increase to 250 * 250cm is not a single, is there no seams, if the answer is yes, you can rest assured to buy!

(5) About bed cover

The reason why the general bed cover is more beautiful than the bed sheet is mainly on the skirt. The beauty of the skirt is mainly the density of the folding of the tweezers. The amount of the general bed cover discount is calculated as follows: if a 1.5 m * 2.0 m bed cover, it The total length of the skirt should be (1.5 + 2.0 + 2.0) * 2 = 11 meters. The total length of the bed cover skirts of some small manufacturers is only 7 meters. Imagine how such a bed cover will be beautiful.

Reminder: Few sellers will lose money to do business (except for shooting), and there are some products that are known to be active printing and dyeing four sets at a price of around 100 yuan! (Unless the seller wants to lose money to sell)! You are When you receive a four-piece set of 40 yarns that are active and dyed at a very low price, if you feel unsatisfied, please go to your local quality supervision bureau to check it. The yarn appraisal fee is about 20 yuan!

The mainstream home textile brands currently operating bedding on the market are as follows:

1. Luolai: China Famous Brand, China's 500 Most Valuable Brand, Shanghai Famous Brand, one of the strongest domestic textile companies in China, Shanghai Luolai Home Textile Co., Ltd.

2. Fu Anna: China's well-known trademark, has won the Chinese famous brand, the famous trademark of Guangdong Province, one of the earliest established home textile enterprises in China, Shenzhen Fuanna Household Products Co., Ltd.

3, Mengjie Home Textiles: Founded in 1956, China's well-known trademarks, has won China's famous brand, China's top 500 brands, one of the leading domestic textile industry, Hunan Mengjie Home Textiles Co., Ltd.

4. Mercury Home Textile: In 1987, Shanghai Famous Brand, one of the founders of China's textile industry, China's 500 most valuable brand, Shanghai Star Star Home Textiles Co., Ltd.

5, Boyang beyond: has won the Chinese famous brand, the leader brand of China's textile industry, China's 500 most valuable brand, Zhejiang famous trademark, Ningbo Boyang Holding Group Co., Ltd.

6. Violet Violet: China's well-known trademark, Jiangsu famous brand, China's 500 most valuable brand, China's top 100 textile enterprises, Jiangsu Violet Home Textiles Co., Ltd.

7. Kaisheng: China's well-known trademark, Jiangsu famous trademark, China's most influential brand, professional home textile enterprise with strong comprehensive strength, Kaisheng Home Textiles Co., Ltd.

8. Menglan: Founded in 1972, China is a well-known trademark. It has won the Chinese famous brand, the national enterprise technology center, one of the most valuable brands in the home textile industry, Jiangsu Menglan Group.

9. Veken VEKEN: It has won the China Famous Brand, China Famous Brand, Top 500 Chinese Enterprises, Top 500 Competitiveness of China's Large Enterprise Group, and Ningbo Wei Ke Holdings Group Co., Ltd.

10, more love Dohia: China's well-known trademarks, home textile industry fashion frontier brands, with high brand reputation, high-tech enterprises, more love home textiles company.

1. Home textile fabric: Under normal circumstances, the silk fabric, pure linen fabric, pure cotton fabric, polyester cotton fabric and viscose silk fabric with good comfort are also good. Each of them has its own characteristics. If some friends sweat more, we suggest that you choose cotton home textiles, which have strong sweat absorption ability. This will allow your cells to breathe and keep your sleep.

2, the color of home textile: color is our most straightforward to enter the line of sight. The choice of color is also very important. When choosing a color, we have to consider the decoration style, and we must consider our emotions. In general, we should try to choose romantic and warm, non-irritating colors. Can help us sleep.

Chengdu GO Jiaju editorial report

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