Advantages and disadvantages of solid wood stairs and steel wood stairs

The choice of stairs is related to the connection of different spaces in the whole room, and the frequency of use in the home is also high. Solid wood stairs and steel wood stairs are two representatives in the stairs. How should consumers choose?

The solid wood staircase is easy to make and has a variety of styles, but the durability is slightly poor, and it is easy to make a sound when walking. In the design of the stairs, we strive to make zero-distance contact with nature, giving the overall feeling of the atmosphere is very atmospheric, characterized by luxurious style, noble and elegant with a simple and rough, decorative. The main material of the solid wood staircase is European white oak and European oak. It is suitable for general decoration style, durable and not easy to be outdated, reflecting the pursuit of free life. The solid wood staircase likes to be deliberately worn, giving it a sense of vicissitudes and history. It gives people a feeling of cultural precipitation, and with some versatile designs that cater to modern people, it is very popular among people who pursue fashion and taste.

The steel-wood combination staircase combines the advantages of a wooden staircase and a metal staircase. It has the comfort of a wooden staircase and avoids the disadvantage that the wooden staircase is prone to sound. Steel-wood staircase, simple and stylish. The steel-wood staircase can be a work of art in the home. Usually the design of the stairs is based on the style of the home improvement. Different styles of stairs can reflect different feelings. The steel-wood staircase can be made into a variety of shapes, with smooth lines and elegant appearance. Convenient and durable. The main skeleton of the steel-wood staircase is cast steel, which is hard and hard to wear and break. Moreover, it looks lighter and lighter. The steel-wood staircase is usually loved by emerging humans who pursue individuality and modern style. If there are old people and children in the home, solid wood stairs are the first choice.

Although the steel-wood staircase is simple and modern, the steel keel has a single color and a strong sense of appearance, and the support point of the steel-wood staircase is not easy to grasp. It is supported by the middle keel. There is no support on both sides, and the bearing capacity and safety are greatly improved. Lower, and the solid wood staircase will not have such a problem, first of all, from the color, the color can be arbitrarily adjusted and the home decoration style is easy to match, the sense of warmth has a grade, the pedal is supported on both sides, there will be protection.  

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