Analysis on the problem of the surface light environment of domestic jewelry stores

Analysis on the problem of the surface light environment of domestic jewelry stores

Wen / Zhong Jianchun

China is a big country in jewellery consumption. There are a lot of jewellery counters and specialty stores in major shopping malls. At present, the jewellery brand is becoming more and more fierce in the terminal retail market, and the key factors determining success or failure are important in addition to brand recognition, product quality and style, and operation management mode. The image design of the storefront and the lighting environment of jewelry are very important. Everyone has been caring about how to create a luxurious and elegant atmosphere for jewellery. Among them, lighting design has become a concern for jewelers and designers. Because lighting can beautify jewelry products, it can also affect the psychology of consumers and sellers. The most important thing in the jewelry store is the harmony of the light environment. Many people are aware of this problem but have been unable to find a reasonable solution. Here are some views on the environmental problems of domestic jewelry stores.

Lighting can be divided into overall lighting and accent lighting. According to the research on the psychological, emotional and visual effects of foreign lighting, it shows that the illuminance value between the two has a certain ratio, reasonable allocation, and the environment is harmonious (of course, the habits of domestic consumers) It is different from foreign countries, which leads to the difference between the lighting environment of foreign luxury brands and big brands .

First of all, let's talk about the ratio of overall lighting to accent lighting. The first- and second-tier cities have well-known brands of ambient light 300-400LX (generally bright) accent lighting 2000-2500LX . The jewellery brand environment of the third- and fourth-tier cities is about 500-600LX (very bright). The key lighting is about 2500-3000LX . The famous brand of jewelry in the first- and second-tier cities has high requirements for the overall image, and the decoration has a grade. The consumer group has certain Taste, 300-400LX is equivalent to the brightness of the club environment. On the contrary, the jewelry brands in the third- and fourth-tier cities (excluding important prefecture-level cities) have certain differences in the overall image decoration level and the consumer groups. Bright, bright to attract consumers,

Secondly, we will talk about key lighting. The key lighting refers to the goods area, the new product display area, the window display area, and the image wall.

In the first- and second-tier cities, the famous brand of jewelry is relatively dark because of the ambient light. Therefore, the general illumination value in the product display area is 2000-2500LX , which makes it appear bright and dark. In the new product display area (according to the 28 principle of product display ), narrow angle is selected. The lighting, about 10-15 degrees fixed point lighting, thus highlighting the difference between new products and conventional products, it is easy to attract consumers' attention is also the area where the main push and sales increase.

The window display area is not only the window and image of the jewelry store, but also the grade and taste of the brand store. If the lighting of the window is well designed, it has a huge pulling force to attract customers to the store. According to the survey, excellent window lighting is more likely to attract customers' attention, increase customer interest in the store, and play a role in gathering popularity and business.

The average illuminance of the shop window is generally 2-3 times higher than the overall illuminance of the shop. Due to the natural light of the street shop during the day, the brightness of the window outside is high (the illuminance value is about 10000-50000LX ). Therefore, considering the reflection characteristics of the glass, It can ensure that the display in the window is clearly visible. The illumination in the daytime must be 4000LX-5000LX , and the illumination at night can be lower. The 1000LX-1500LX can be selected (can be controlled according to multiple switches).

The window design is relatively weak in the jewelry industry, and the window is the most important part of attracting consumers and displaying jewelry products. It cannot be ignored. The illuminance of the image wall is generally controlled at around 1500LX . The product display area of ​​the jewellery brand stores in the third- and fourth-tier cities suggests that 500-1000LX should be added based on the illuminance value of the brand of the first- and second-tier cities when the illuminance value is selected .

The lighting selection suggestions for jewelry counters in domestic shopping malls must be very bright (do not glare and pay attention to anti-glare), why should we choose lighting like this? Because most consumers in China do not have loyalty to the brand, shopping has a lot of randomness. In the mall, the brand's popularity is high and low, and the location given by the mall is very different, so the location is not good. There must be differences in the selection. (The color temperature of the above lights is recommended to be as close as possible to natural light)

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