Henan Bochuang introduced the cause of the cement ball mill grinding tail ash



The reasons for the phenomenon of grinding and ashing in the cement ball mill are mainly caused by the following conditions:

1. After the felt and the feeding hopper rub against each other, there will be a gap, and there is a space in the inverted cone of the feeding hopper (the receiving pipe ) . The material is difficult to convey here, and the retention and returning will be generated, which provides the cement ball mill grinding tail leakage. Prerequisites.

2. The material level is higher than the height of the spiral blade. When the feeding speed exceeds its conveying speed, the grinding speed of a part of the material higher than the spiral blade is reduced. If it is not input into the grinding machine in time, the powder will overflow.

3 , improve the average ball diameter of the grinding body or increase the load to increase the cement ball mill output. This practice itself has an unreasonable place, so that the filling material is high, the material surface far exceeds the height of the spiral blade, resulting in the material inside the spiral barrel Accumulated, causing leakage.

4. The load rate of the powder sorting machine is large, the feeding speed exceeds the conveying height of the spiral cylinder, and the returning material does not enter the grinding machine in time, and the dead corner of the grinding tail gap is piled up. The sealing gap is affected by the outward pressure caused by the accumulation of material and the beginning of the screw, resulting in ash leakage.

5 , cement ball mill positive pressure operation or improper operation of micro-negative pressure operation, so that the ash at the end of the grinding material overflows.

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