Conveyor belt development depends on the advancement of technology

Conveyor belt development depends on the advancement of technology

In the early stage of reform and development, Deng Xiaoping’s chief designer proposed that science and technology are the primary productive forces. With the advancement of science and the development of the times, the role of science and technology has become more important. Baoding Bada Tape Co., Ltd. has created the perfect conveyor belt products through the most advanced science and technology.

Bada Tape Co., Ltd. has obvious product, technology and new product reserve advantages in the field of high temperature resistant conveyor belts . The domestic market share in this field is 30% , ranking first; in general, the average service life of the company's representative products exceeds The other similar products in the industry are about twice as high, and the price is only 20% - 30% higher; the high temperature conveyor belt has higher added value and higher gross profit margin, and 1H2009 has reached 42.2% .

Baoding Bada Tape Co., Ltd. has built a professional R&D team, relying on a strong R&D team to improve the technical water products, and the product quality has been strengthened. We rely on advanced science and technology to provide hundreds of millions of good quality and price for our customers. Excellent conveyor belt products. We sincerely welcome customers and friends to visit and inspect. Http://

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good-advantage: apron bathtub insulation effect is better, easy to install, single apron bathtub and Double Apron Bathtub, single skirt tub is suitable for three sides of the wall environment. Skirt with a more beautiful, the general bathtub under the treatment is more rough, and water pipes and so on will not be exposed. Longer than the bathtub without skirt warm water temperature, no skirt bathtub for later maintenance is more troublesome, installation must have a fixed position wall closed installation. 

Choose Freestanding Apron Bathtub : install: the bathtub with skirt is more convenient, but the dimensions of toilet must be measured well, do not go down to fashionable dress; the bathtub that does not have skirt edge, need to use brick cement to build skirt edge, play glass glue, Keep the bottom of the bath dry and long service life. Insulation effect: the bathtub with skirt has good heat preservation effect. Cleaning: there is no need to clean the outside of the skirt bathtub much easier, if there are children in the home, it is not easy to bump.

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