Working characteristics of lifting machinery

1) The lifting machinery usually has a large structure and a complicated mechanism, and can complete the lifting movement and the horizontal movement. For example, a bridge crane can complete three movements of hoisting, cart running and trolley operation; the gantry crane can complete four movements of lifting, luffing, turning and cart running. In the course of the operation, it is often the operation of several different directions of motion at the same time, which is technically difficult.

2) The weights lifted by the lifting machinery are varied and the load is varied. Some heavy objects weigh hundreds of tons or even thousands of tons, some objects are several tens of meters long, the shape is also very irregular, there are scattered particles, hot melt, flammable and explosive dangerous goods, etc., the lifting process is complicated Danger.

3) Most lifting machinery needs to operate in a large space, some have rails and wheels (such as tower cranes, bridge cranes, etc.); some have tires or tracks to walk on the ground (such as cars) Hanging, crawler cranes, etc.); some need to walk on the wire rope (such as passenger transport, freight aerial ropeway), the activity space is large, once the impact of the accident is also large.

4) Some cranes need to directly carry people on the guide rails, platforms or wire ropes for lifting movements (such as elevators, lifting platforms, etc.), and their reliability directly affects personal safety.

5) The hoisting machinery is exposed and has many moving parts, and often comes into direct contact with the lifting workers (such as hooks, wire ropes, etc.), and there are many potential risk factors.

6) The working environment is complicated. From large steel joint ventures to modern ports, construction sites, railway hubs, tourist resorts, there are lifting machinery in operation; workplaces often encounter high temperature, high pressure, flammable and explosive, transmission lines, strong magnetic and other risk factors. , posing a threat to equipment and workers.

7) Many people need to cooperate and work together in the operation of lifting machinery. An operation requires operators such as command, strapping, and driving to cooperate with the skilled person, coordinate the actions, and take care of each other. Operators should have the ability to handle on-site emergencies. The close cooperation between multiple operators is usually more difficult.

The above work characteristics of the lifting machinery determine its relationship with safety production. If there is a slight negligence in the design, manufacture, installation, use, and maintenance of the hoisting machinery, it may result in casualties or equipment accidents. On the one hand, it causes casualties and on the other hand, it also causes great economic losses.

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